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Jessica brought in cassettes that contained interviews with her grandma. We transferred them to mp3 files for her to share with family during the holidays. Another cassette from Karen that was of her father recording his own obituary and singing. It was to be played at his funeral. Click to hear a bit of his recording.    

We had a microcassette shipped to us from North Carolina that was said to have a voice mail from great grandmother who had left a message of singing silent night to client’s two daughters. Unfortunately, that is not what we found on the cassette but we hope that she finds the precious recording that she is looking for. 

We received a large collection of oral histories that are being transferred to be shared for the Louie B Nunn oral history collection at the University of Kentucky. This collection is recognized around the world as a leader and innovator in the collection and preservation of oral histories.

Nancy brought in a cassette recording of her late husband. It was recorded while lead pilot in 1976 while in flying in a four ship formation. This routine recording turned alarming when one plane lost wing tip and things got difficult all of a sudden. Listen to part of his recording here. 
Lara brought in books made by her son when he was 5 years old. She had us scan in the pages and reprint them at a standard size and compiled them in to two copies of 3 hard cover books to be given to her now 10 year old son for a Christmas gift. She though he would get some joy about his interesting subject matter.
A collection of slides were brought in to be scanned and made digital for John. The slides had be taken long ago by taken by his dad. Priceless memories to share of days past. 
Jamie brought in a small framed photo of her meeting with Santa in the 1960s. The photo was quite faded and restored it to all of its former glory including the white artificial tree with a few green ball ornaments on it.
We’ve had more and more requests from clients who need help accessing their iphone photos and share them.  Those iphones don’t make it easy that is for sure.  We have a write up of directions of how to download them to Google Drive and share it.  Some clients still bring in their mac devices (usually leaving their device overnight) and have us do the sharing for them.

We’ve transferred mountains of videos for clients near and far (shipped in).
Most people ask for their videos to be saved as digital files on an external hard drive but some still want them transferred to DVD. If you want to read and about the pros and cons of DVDs vs Files read that article here.  We had so many videos to transfer that Wes and I set up duplicate equipment at home so that we could keep the transfers going before and after work and on Sundays.  It was great to think of all of the special gift of memories that many received for the holidays.  Whew!  Now we are catching up on the videos that came in during December but weren’t needed for a holiday gift.