Summer Fun & Expansion at Leave A Legacy

The most fun thing is that our team is fully vaccinated and we are thoroughly enjoying NOT wearing masks ALL day!  We look forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful smiling faces (if you are vaccinated of course).

Leave A Legacy has big expansion plans happening soon.  We are going to move all of our video, film and audio equipment to our new Wellington location.  Splitting our operation will give us more room for people, projects and equipment.  We should have it all set up and ready to go in the next week or two.  We have also hired 2 new part-time team members to help out mostly in Wellington. This is a photo before we fill it up with equipment.

Now for some of the great projects that you brought in.

Joanne who is the matriarch of the family came in with some old family negatives that she wanted scanned and printed.  Her daughter had never seen some of the photos before and nobody knew who the man is with the horse.  She wanted it scanned and printed anyway so that maybe someone in the family will recognize him or maybe it will stay a family mystery.  What a fun collection of images. 


Kathleen brought in some photos of her father from WWII.   We cleaned them up a bit and made them a standard size and a nice sepia tone. 

Susan brought in a collection of photos of her dad including his military photos. She needed the photos scanned and reprinted.

Terry brought in several movie reels and two of them were of his dad in the Vietnam war. I made a little highlight reel of various segments of his films Watch it Here (images of Vietnam not during combat). 

Rodney brought in a 40 year old cassette tape that he made in his youth and wanted it digitized to share with his grandchildren.  Gary brought in a cassette tape with an old German wedding march. He wanted just 10-15 minutes of it transferred on a CD for use at a wedding.  Derrick whose father recently passed away brought in a cassette tape that he just found and it digitized. It was a recording of a duet of this father and grandmother singing.

Holly brought in a box full of old photos and documents among the items were some ribbons from the 1932 Stock Show and Frontier Days. The ribbons were pretty crumpled from storage. I carefully ironed them out before we scanned them.

Carol brought in a 45 inch long (small sections stapled together) card that he dad wrote when he retired from being an investment counselor. It listed all of his stocks purchased, date, number of shares and the price.  When he bought more he just added another card. He is 97 years old now and nearing the end of his life. All the kids want a copy of it. We scanned it in and then printed out 5 copies (one for each child) on our 48” long x 11” wide paper.  Each copy looked just like the original.

Deborah brought in the tattered last copy of grandma’s recipes. She had us scan them in and save it all on a flash drive for her to share with family members.  The pages contained both her recipes (like this one for pudding) and birth and death records of family members.

Ready to bring in your collection and have it digitized so that you can share your family stories.