Scene selection

title screen

Many clients bring in numerous films that they want combined onto one DVD but would like to be able to jump to a certain film and just watch that segment.  The same is true for some clients who do edited video transfers. Leave A Legacy, can certainly do this for you and your memory project. Scene selection allows you a beginning title screen and then you can choose to see a scene selection screen. From here we will divide your video into segments, or use each film as a separate section and make it so that you can view the video starting at any section you would like. We usually add a title to the film stream at the beginning of each section. Thumbnails show for each section in the scene selection. These thumbnails can also be animated to show a short moving segment from each section.

scene selection

Scene selection allows you to break up your project into different segments and make it easier for you to see just the portion of the video that you want to see. It is most often used in film transfer projects for showing a different scene for each film that we add to the disk.  You are able to choose from a variety of backgrounds for the beginning title and scene selection screens. The background image can even be one of your photos. We will put up to six scenes on one page. If you have more than 6 scenes (film segments) then we will make you more pages with up to 6 scenes each. You can certainly proof your project with all of the scene selections to make sure we got it right.