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Magnetic Albums….seemed like a great idea at the time…but boy, were we wrong! Do you remember them? They are the ones with a sticky piece of cardboard that you laid your photos on and covered with a clear protective sheet. We now know that these were not a safe place for our precious photos. The pages have now yellowed and the sticky is either gone all together and the photos now fall out of the book when you pick it up or the glue on the page has turned to super glue and won’t let go.

If they are stuck fast, when you try to peal them off, part of the picture is likely to get left behind or damaged. The secret tool for removal is dental floss. Wrap the floss around your fingers and pull the floss down between the photo and the page. You may need to come at it from different angles or use a sawing motion. You’ll likely need a friend to hold the page while you are doing the sawing.

Once we had a client who brought in a stuck photo. After I told her the trick, she proceeded to get some floss from her purse. The photo was free in moments.

Another option is to have Leave A Legacy scan the photo while it is still attached to the page. We can “cut” it out on the computer and leave your original unharmed.

Your solution, if they are loose is to:

  1. get them out of the book
  2. keep them in order
  3. make a stack of them
  4. take them to Leave A Legacy and have them scanned, then:
    • create a digital photo book
    • create a DVD slideshow
    • make reprints
    • save on a disk and make copies for family members
    • check out all Leave A Legacy can to at: