Red Eye Correction

Red eye occurs on your photos when the light reflects off of a person’s eye which reflects the red of you eye’s retina. Any way it gives us all a bit of demon look and we’d like to fix it.  It’s much more simple and effective to fix red eye on a digital image rather than a print.  For prints you can purchase a red eye pen at a craft store. Conversely, you can scan your photo and then fix it on the computer. Using your photo editing software find the tool that looks like a red eye. Choose that tool and then click on each red eye in your photography. Usually, that is all it takes. More sophisticated software has adjustments that you can make to the red eye tool. You can adjust how large of a circle of correction it makes and how much it is darkened. If you don’t like the correction you have made then you can simply “undo” it and go back to the original.  At Leave A Legacy we can scan your photos for you and also fix all of those red eyes!