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  After you return home, you will wish your trip would have lasted forever, but you’re sure you’ll remember all the good times you had for the rest of your life. But unless you have a photographic memory, some of them will fade away. We suggest recording all the special – and even some of what may seem like more mundane at the time – happenings in a travel journal. Here are some ideas on what you may want to record to make putting together a digital scrapbook following your trip quicker and easier and help you to thoroughly recall all the fun you had:

The Basics:

  • Who went (ages of kids)?
  • Whose idea was it?
  • In order to leave we had to _______
  • We wouldn’t have survived the trip without packing _________

Day 1:

  • The day we left was _______.
  • We got up at ______.
  • We laid down at ________.
  • Mode of travel:
  • Cost of travel:
  • What we ate:

Day 2:

  • We got up at _______.
  • We laid down at _________.
  • What we did there_______
  • We wish we had ______
  • We couldn’t believe the price of _______
  • The special/unique person we met was _______
  • What we ate ______

Day 3 and beyond: write about the same subjects as Day 2.
Additionally, you may wish to make notes about the specific pictures you take each day.

Leave A Legacy along with American Dream Travel,  have created an actual spiral-bound travel journal book (including all of the questions above, photo pages and a pocket for small memorabilia) that you may pick up FREE of charge at either of our offices. It includes a coupon from Leave A Legacy for discounts on the printing of a digital scrapbook of your memories.