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Carmie brought in her parent’s original documents for immigration through Ellis Island in 1919.  She had us scan, restore and reprint her damaged documents.  They are much easier to read now and you don’t have to be afraid to handle this copy. see image at left

Daniel from the UK emailed us with a special request.  He wanted us to transfer a record that he was buying from a music store in Illinois.  He had the music store mail the record to us in Colorado to transfer to an mp3 file.  We emailed to the file to him in the UK and we mailed the record to his friend in New York.  It was a recording of the reading and dramatization of the book The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss.

Katie brought in some VHS video tapes to transfer to digital files.  The videos captured some very important memories in her family’s life.  The first tape was of the last Christmas when her father was alive, the second tape was when her grandson was born the day before Katie’s son was deployed to Iraq.  The third tape was after her son returned injured and otherwise changed from his time in Iraq.  Also on the 3rd tape there is a segment of our client who had some favorite boots when she was young that she had out grown. Her parents were in the habit of hiding them from her to avoid conflict. Here is a segment from that video of her frustration with not being able to wear them anymore.

Kristin had purchased the large box from Legacy Box and filled it with loose photos and art work from her kids.  She had shipped it off to them and Legacy Box shipped it back to her. They needed her to put all of her photos in baggies containing 25 photos.  The Family kit costs $300 and would digitize 10 packets of 25 photo (that’s 250 photos).  She called and complained to them, didn’t get her money back and brought her box in to us.  We don’t make you count anything. We let the computer count them as it scans. It actually contained over 2000 photos. That would have cost her $2400 with Legacy Box and was just over $500 for us.  Don’t be fooled with their misleading claims of deep discounts.  We finished in 2 weeks what would have taken Legacy Box 12 weeks or more to do.

Linda brought in a collection of over 400 slides from the 1960s and 70s.  We scanned the slides and put them in separate digital folders for each year.  This is one of her images that showed a family member living in an iron lung.  I remember meeting a person, when I was a child, who was living in an iron lung.  They were the first ventilators.  Follow this link to read more about the history of iron lungs.

Nedra brought in her collection of over 500 slides from 1940-1970 to be scanned. I particularly enjoyed this one from a parade in Sarasota, FL in 1948.   The float, sponsored by Lays Potato chips, sported some very happy potatoes.

Sharon brought in regular 8 film to be transferred to digital files.  She had brought us one film to transfer last spring. Her family enjoyed seeing people that they had forgotten in the past and brought in another reel to enjoy some more family memories.I spotted an early “slideshow” recorded on film….pretty resourceful!  Click the image or the link above to view it.

We scanned in 6 books of family history information for Lisa.  It included family trees, photos of ancestors, family stories,and family history and applications for citizenship.

Tom shipped us some strips of photographic negatives. We scanned them in and sent him the files on a flash drive.  He has a business where he prints the images on decals and then incorporates them into his pottery. His images were black and white, rather old and rather unusual.  Check out his wares at