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cropping a photoTo crop a photo is a way to cut a photo to improve its appearance. These days is it usually done on the computer. The advantage of using software to cut or crop your photos is that if you change your mind or make a mistake you can usually go back to the original image.  The advantage of cropping is that you can make your photos look more professional by cutting out distractions like the unfolded laundry in the background. You can make yourself or others appear thinner by trimming off from the side. The hazard of cropping is that you may be cutting out memories that you would have enjoyed seeing years from now. I rarely crop my old photos because I don’t want to loose anything. The ugly lamp in the background may bring back good memories and a good laugh.  I caution you against cutting printed photos as you can’t undo the cutting of years from now. We suggest scanning them first so that you can preserve the complete image. We can both scan and crop your photos at either our Fort Collins and Denver locations.