News November 2019

News Nov 2019

We scanned in this handkerchief for a client. It had been her Dad’s during WWII. It has notes and signatures from his communication team buddies. What a unique bit of memorabilia. You name it, we can scan it.

Denise brought in this damaged photo of her with her twin brother. She had us restore and reprint it on the occasion of their 60th  birthday. She noted that they still had their baby teeth and that it was the only time that they were dressed alike.

Laurie brought in a bunch of 15 audio cassette tapes of Bible studies for us to transfer to mp3 files, all on one flash drive. Laurie will soon be an expert on Hebrews, or at least know a lot more about that book.

Tom had us transfer several cassettes of him playing the drums a long time ago. He says he is going to get back into it for his retirement. Wonder if it will be thinking the same as my father-in-law’s t-shirt says “The older I get, the better I was.”

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