Mini DVD Transfer

  • Transferring mini DVDs starts at $10/disc.
  • If getting digital files we will need to save to flash drive or external hard drive. You can provide or we charge $15-80 for a drive based on file size.


Have a collection of those mini DVDs and want to make them into something you can easily watch and edit? You have found the place with all of the answers….Leave A Legacy, Inc.  You have found the one stop shop for rescuing your memories captured on disc. MiniDVD home video cameras were made from 2004-2006. The biggest hiccup with them is that the mini disc had to be finalized in the camera before you could play it anywhere else. So for us to work with your mini DVD we need the disc to be finalized.  


Many want to turn their mini-DVDs into digital files to edit on the computer or to save digitally on a flash drive or external hard drive. Digital files are the way to go for the future as most computers don’t have DVD players in them anymore and most laptops with a DVD player wouldn’t be able to play the mini DVD. When saved on a flash drive or external hard drive you can plug them into most computers and modern TVs in the USB port.  The cord to connect a hard drive to a computer or TV is included in the box of a new hard drive. The hard drives we use are compatible with both PC and Mac computers.  Many people try to copy files themselves from their discs and find out that the files won’t work on their computers.  We will rip your disc, which sounds a bit violent but doesn’t hurt your disc at all, and convert all of the video files to mp4 files.

If you have old analog media that needs to be transferred we can do that for you as well.  When you have us transfer your old media you will need to decide if you want it transferred to DVD or to digital files on a flash drive.  I have an article about “Should I transfer to DVD or Digital Files?” 

Some of the advantages of having your audio transfers, videos and films as digital files is:


  1. You can edit/modify the files on your computer. You will need video editing software to do this (iMovie for Mac users and Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premier for PC).
    1. You can burn your own custom DVDs
    2. You can export segments to put up on youtube or share on the cloud
  2. You can watch each video file on your computer (quick time for Mac and Windows Media Player for PC) or on modern TVs. Just plug your drive into a USB port.