Memory Ideas Galore

Martha brought in over 500 negatives to be scanned. We made them into positives in a size where you could print nice 4” x 6” photos.  We saved them all to a flash drive for her.  She said that this was one step in working on a new year’s resolution she had about cleaning up her photo collection.

Richard brought in a video tape to be transferred to a DVD.  He was doing it for his friend who requested that movie transfer as he has MS which only allows him to move his head.  We are glad he will have a new movie to enjoy.

Transferred a video about a school shooting on video tape to a DVD for a training class for the Berthoud Fire Department. He made me sad just telling me about it. I sure hope the video helps prevent it from happening again.

Sandy brought in a disc that she needed DVD copies of and also wanted digital files of it on a flash drive. She had taken it to FedEx Kinkos. They tried for 2 days and said they couldn’t do it. We copied it for her on the spot in 5 minutes.  If it had been one that was difficult to copy we have several other methods to get it but this one was easy.

 Got this package in the mail this week from Federal Bureau of Prisons in TX. 40 Zip and Jaz drives to transfer to a flash drive. Cool! Not your everyday, run of the mill memories.

Kent brought in his photos from his South Africa safari 

he went on last year and had us print his favorites as 16” x 20” prints. He plans to take them to a frame shop once he picks them up.

David brought in an old professionally produced film on 16mm film. He was the producer!  It was the story of a blacksmith who was a dying breed but still doing his trade. We transferred it in high definition and 

cleaned it for him. We saved it all to a blu-ray disc and DVD.

Feedback from Paul who picked up his order for scanning some old negatives. “I picked up the files you scanned & I am very happy with them. You did a great job.

” If you want to leave us a review just search for us on google and click on write a review.

Print Café in Fort Collins closed their in-store location  in July last year. Read more about it in my blog.

Changed out our front window display in honor of Valentine’s Day. The large heart is made of 100s of small images from my family photos in a collage and all tinted pink.  The other window has old valentines scanned in and reproduced.