Leave A Legacy works with a huge variety of video and disc types and formats.

Leave A Legacy has acquired a bunch of new (old) equipment which enables us to transfer even more types of old media.  New for us is our own audio wire recorder, Digital S video tapes, Digital Beta CAM video and more.

At Leave A Legacy we work with a huge variety of video and disc types and formats.Video Transfer Services

Video Formats that we can play:

  • NTSC –format used in United States
  • PAL – format used in Europe (except for France), Australia
  • M-PAL –format used in Brazil, it will play on NTSC but it would be black and white
  • N-PAL – format used in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay but it should play on PAL and most Secam players
  • Secam – format used in France
  • MeSecam – stands for Middle Eastern Secam

Video Types that we can play:

  • VHS and S-VHSBetacam SP To DVD Transfer Service
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm video
  • Hi-8
  • MiniDV
  • Mini DVD
  • Micro MV
  • ¾” video (Umatic)
  • Beta Cam SP (2 sizes)
  • Beta Max I, II and III (commonly known as Beta and was for home use)
  • Super Beta Max
  • Digital Beta Cam
  • D-9 or Digital-S

Types of Discs we can access:

  • Jaz
  • Zip
  • 3 ¼” floppy
  • DVD-RAM (4.7GB) but not (6 nor 5.2GB discs) (in or out of cartridges)
  • miniDVD

Bring it in or ship it to us and we will transfer it to DVD, digital files and do whatever edits you would like.

Leave A Legacy is here to help you preserve and share your memories.