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Recently we decided to discontinued our advertising in a local luxury social news magazine and decided instead to put that money toward sponsoring some kids from Tanzania.  The organization called Compassion helps kids living in poverty in developing countries.  Sponsorship is giving $38/month to give a specific child meals, tutoring, immunizations, spiritual nurturing and job skill training for their parents. 

We chose to look for kids in Tanzania as Wes & I visited that country on a fabulous safari two years ago. The kids we chose are Justin (8), Silvia (7) and Najma (4) who all live in Kilama, Tanzania. It was hard to choose a child among the thousands of kids available. We have already received a letter from two of the children and have sent 2 letters to each of them with photos of our family and our dogs.  

We chose the student center that we wanted to help based on what they do for the kids and then chose Justin because he has the name that our daughter would have been given if she had been a boy. We chose Silvia because she shares my Grandmother’s birthday who died when she was 101 years old. We chose Najma because of her unique to us name and her birthday is in the same month as my mother’s, who died 5 years ago.  They live in homes with dirt floors, mud walls and a thatched roof. Family income in that area averages $18/month.

This is another way that we hope to “Leave A Legacy” through our business.

If you are curious you can see the thousands of children available at