Leave A Legacy can work with NTSC, PAL, Sea cam, Me Sea cam, N-PAL and M-PAL video formats

Most of us in the United State are used to using the NTSC format for all of our videos and even discs for that matter.  We at Leave A Legacy VHS tapecan also work with VHS and VHS-C tapes that are formatted as PAL (the format used in Europe except for France and in Australia), M-PAL (the format used in Brazil), N-PAL (the format used in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay), Sea cam (the format used in France) and Me Sea cam (the format used in the Middle East).  We can burn and rip discs (CDs and DVDs)  in both PAL and NTSC.  All of our players for 8mm, digital 8, Hi-8, Beta, and miniDV are NTSC format.  If you have a video tape, besides a VHS or VHS-C which is a different format then we would need to have your camera in order to transfer the video into another format or a digital file.