Interesting Projects to Inspire

MM 002 miniNotable relative:  Marcia came in with a fun story about her photo.  Her relative, Florence Chauncey, was the first woman to vote in a New York election once it became legal.  The wife of a local minister, she cast her vote in the morning at 6:10 a.m. on Jan. 5, 1918. Marcia brought in her collection of photos of her notable relative and had us digitize them and make reprints for her.  You can read more about her in this article.BK 001 before& after mini



Buckaroo Renew:  Enjoy this seeing this young man’s youth restored.  Billie’s dad never looked so cute.

dog thumbnail with play button



Fun film clips of man’s best friend:  I pulled in a handful of film clips from several old 8mm and 16mm films that we have transferred that all have clips of our favorite companion….dogs.  The whole segment is just 2 minutes long is sure to make you smile


Aileen amazing history: Aileen came in recently to have a record transferred to both a playable CD and also to mp3 files.  The record was of her uncle, Louis Paparello , in his Mandolin Orchestra.  Click the play symbol to hear a sample.

mandolin to record to cdShe also shared about some books she has written. According To Aileen: America’s Ten Decades That Changed The World. A memoir of the disadvantaged immigrant: dedicated to ethnic, racial, and female equality who influenced the progress of America’s greatest one hundred years. Her second book is a pleasant read of moments filled with characters that embody the good, the bad, and the evil in today’s new world of uncertain living. Check out her site to read more of this fascinating client of ours.