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Finally and long overdue is this installment of inspiration from great projects that our clients bring in or mail to us.

Keep your eye out for updates from Leave A Legacy. We are planning a move to a nicer and larger location in the Fall. Aspen, my daughter and right hand lady at the store, and beloved by many of you, is expecting a baby in the fall as well. Look for a new mini employee to join the team in the following months! We are also revamping our website once again to share our services with more people. Thank you for supporting us and letting us help you preserve and share you priceless memories.

Eric brought in his collection of slides from Scandinavia and Mexico to be scanned into digital files.  We spotted images of Floating Gardens of Xochimilco Lago Boats in his photos from Mexico.

Jacque had quite a fish story to share.  She and her husband were enjoying a local bar and she really liked the circular metal frame they had hung up on the way to the restroom. It said Fishing lesson and it totally reminded her of the great times she had with

her grandfather.  She asked her husband to come and see it.  He knew she really liked it so went back to the bar to see if they could find one with a girl profile instead of a boy.  The people at the bar helped him to look for it online but didn’t find one.  He decided to buy it from the bar and give it to his wife for Christmas.  In January she brought in a photo of her grandpa and the metal frame and wanted to see if we could do some photo editing to put them together.  I shared my idea of adjusting the placement of grandpa so it shows through the biggest opening and extended the water behind him.  I printed it real large and cut it out.  She just loved the finished product.  Oh, and we fixed the boy by printing out a ponytail that matched the metal cut out and added that to make it even more fitting.  Great memories to keep on sharing!

We recently had a client email us questions about transferring is jaz and zip disks.  We told him we can save the files on a flash drive or upload the files to him.  He wrote me back that he was putting them in the mail….but it might take a few weeks as he was sending them from Tokyo.

Manuel brought in some DVDs to rip.  They had footage of his dad competing in the 17th annual international men’s open team final pool tournament in 1997. Here is some footage from the tv broadcast. 

The Fort Collins Discovery Science Museum brought in an old reel-to-reel from their collection to be transferred to a CD.  They said that it was a recording of Ruth McDonald a famous opera singer from 1986.  Listen to a segment of her singing the Lord’s Prayer.

Christy brought in her collection of VHS, miniDV,DVDs and

cassettes.  She had us transfer all of it to digital files on an external hard drive.  Each video tape was saved as mp4 file and the audio was saved as individual mp3 files.  Check out this segment from a CSU campus TV broadcast news segment about the frustrations with the CSU library renovation in 1997.

Mollie brought in her organic chemistry posters full of reaction notes.  There were 4 full posters of condensed notes.  It brought me back to my own nightmare days of organic chemistry in graduate school.  She had a friend who is working on a project to share alternative learning methods and wanted to incorporate her notes as an example.  We scanned in the large posters and saved them on a flash drive for her.  Not all memories are necessarily fond memories!

Laurel was one of five kids in her family. 

She had a photo of the 5 of them in front of their home but half of the oldest sibling was missing.  We scanned in the photo and then added in the missing ½ of a sister and added in more of their home in the back ground.  She ended up with a nice full 4×6 print in the end.

Books, books, books. That’s what has been keeping me away from sharing about our interesting projects.  I’ve had oodles of books to work on to one degree or another.  We rebound a large family Bible for Dan.  We mounted the original material from the outside cover and spine of the book onto the new buckram binding and added a new red ribbon for marking your place.  We laid out both a fish and a bird identification book for Tom.  He has been an avid nature photographer in the air and under the water and now has a nicely laid out book identifying his best shots.  Some books were bound in hard covers and the others in flexible soft covers….both covered with photos.  I am binding board meeting minutes for AIMS Community College for 2023.  Lisa brought in stacks of love letters between her parent’s when they were dating.  We scanned them all in, put them in order, labelled them and laid them all out in a 400plus page book.  We gave her the pdf digital file of the book to share with the family and print out at a later date.  I made an amazing glossy, soft cover 6×9 Build Book for Ramin and his 1934 Ford Roadster Hot Rod.  He took his car to an international competition in California last month and had the build book to show the judges some of the custom work he had done on his car.  Other book are various family history, life stories and biographies. See some examples of these books below.