Inspiration from Recent Legacy Projects.

The recent loss of numerous homes to fire is an alarming reminder of the value of our recorded memories that cannot be replaced. Bring your photo, video, audio and film memories to Leave A Legacy and let us make them digital so that you can easily back them up and share them with others. Let’s make 2022 a fresh start with many new memories.

We’ve been updating our website with new branded photography for each service category.  Our own Eliza has been shooting the fabulous photos and Amanda has been replacing the stock photos on our website.

We remember with excitement all of the many projects we completed for clients over the past month. Thinking of all of the joy that was brought to many homes when families received the gift of memories.

Here are some of the interesting projects from last month:

  • Created a screensaver of her kids for a client and resized it so it is not pixelated; now it’s the right proportion for the size of her screen.
  • Charlene had us scan, restore, and reprint her mother’s terribly faded wedding photo and a photo of her father with a horse, along with a poem about him by her great-grandmother. Interestingly, she said that her grandma wrote poems for all of her grandsons but not for her granddaughters.
  • Jamie Becker had a VHS of her social studies project from school when she interviewed her grandparents. Now she wants to gift the digital files to her mother and aunt.
  • Donna Cabeca brought in a friend’s record to be transferred to a CD. Since this was another surprise gift, we hope that her friend did not notice it missing before Donna was able to put it back. You can take a quick listen to a bit of it here.
  • Maureen brought in a special slide (size 1X1.25) that she wanted scanned at a high resolution. She had us print several 8X10s to give as gifts. Despite the great change in size, the picture looked wonderful!


  • Dave and Dean each brought in several 8mm films to be transferred into mov files and DVDs for sharing with family. One of the films was of the New York harbor. I made a brief clip of it to share that shows the twin towers, the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship, the Statue of Liberty and many other military, large and small leisure ships and fishing boats in harbor. They both got great memories to share with family. I can imagine all of the fun stories that had to share while watching them.
  • Jan brought in paintings she had done herself for us to scan and make into cards for her. She is very talented with a paintbrush! And with the cards we made she can share her beautiful paintings with the world.  
  • Andrew brought in a special video tape. It was the last video that our client took of his mother, taken just days before she passed away. The lighting in the video was not great; the faces were shadowed and very dark, making it hard to really see the details of her face. After transferring it to digital, we lightened the video and made copies for him to share with all of his siblings. When Andrew came in to pick up his restored video, we played a short bit of the video on our large screen at the front of the store and everyone was pleased to see Mom’s face so clearly!
  • We enjoyed helping Rich with a covert mission to give his wife a surprise Christmas present. He brought in all of his family’s 8mm video tapes to us and we transferred them to digital and dvd. What a fun surprise and a great way to spend the last days of 2021, revisiting your own history that you have not seen in years!
  • Roland brought in an old portrait photo that was severely faded and asked us to restore, and reprint it in a colorful 5×7.
  • Losing a beloved is very difficult at any time, and especially when you had expected to all gather together for holiday celebrations. Janet’s mother passed away and she needed a photo scanned for the program and for a large print at the front of the church. It is our pleasure to help others and take burdens and stress away in a difficult time. We got her photo scanned and printed right away.
  • In addition to photos and videos, we also work with audio. Recently, a few clients have had us capture priceless voice messages from old phones and from little micro cassettes. For one such project the old answering machine tape had the voice of a little girl’s mother.  The mother died when her daughter was young and the now grown-up girl does not remember her mother’s voice.  What a treat to be able to capture and transfer this for her to treasure. This was another surprise Christmas gift!
  • Jim & Nancy brought in a silver locket that they wanted us to print a tiny photo for. It was another Christmas gift.
  • Jim contacted us before shipping a prized possession to us: one 8 track recording of his great grandparents from 1977 that he would love to have digitized. It is such a treasure when we have old media that has voices from loved ones who have passed. The memories can be preserved for generations when natural memory starts to fade.
  • Charles brought in photos from the 20’s that were taken of his mother, the youngest in the photo. The photo shows their family from South Carolina; they rode in on the railroad all the way to Colorado and had their photo taken at Blue Lake. In 1920, travel across the country was not very common at all, especially for a farming family who would not have had much spare income. The trip was likely made possible because they came to attend the stock show and visited Blue Lake to make the most out of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Their descendant, our client, now lives in Colorado.
  • Mary Jacobs brought in some oversized slides and negatives to scan into digital files. She said our website is what sold her on our services! Got to love those summer time memories enjoying watermelon!