Inspiration from client projects

Projects from around the country.  We get a fair number of projects mailed into us usually to take advantage of some of the unique types of transfers we can do including Umatic video, BetaCam video, Zip, Jaz and floppy discs.  So far this year we’ve completed project for clients from New Jersey, Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Oregon.

   Tom brought in a variety of family photos and images from the internet.  His family is encouraging him to write his life story and pulling together images of all his life influences is the first step.  He is quite an animated gentleman and I’m sure his story would be full of lots of life wisdom and colorful family stories. Tom had us create two poster collages, one of his family and friend and another of other influences on his life so that he can be inspired by them as he writes his life story. Once he has it all written Leave A Legacy can help him finish it up with the layout, printing and binding.



Dick is a long term client of ours.  He has been an investigative and human interest journalist for many years and has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Ernie Pyle Award.  He now writes books about his stories and sells them on Amazon.  We do all of the layout for the books for him and design the covers.  We submit all of the files to his online publisher for him. Check out the many novels of Dick Burdette.

Sheri brought in a cassette for us to transfer to mp3.  It was an interview with her grandfather on July 4, 1986 while on board the Satisfaction on the Hudson River near the Statue of liberty. He shares about when he immigrated into the U.S.   Hear a bit of the interview here.

Photo restoration example.  When we restore photos we scan in the original (we can even scan through the glass if it is framed or stuck to the glass). Then we do the restoration work on the computer and then send you a proof to see if it looks how you want it to.  Below is an example of a restoration of one of those large group of military photos.  This one is from the U.S. Naval Training Center in Idaho in 1944.