Inspiration for The Best Gift Ever

The holiday season is upon us and we expect to be busy, busy, busy with loads of Memories to digitize for families. Get a copy of our idea sheet.

Manes Machinery & Engineering of Fort Collins

brought in some old photos for us to scan in and make digital for them.  They are an aerospace engineering company that started in 1983.  They wanted digital versions of these photos from their archive.  Looks like some large equipment that they used and that they also enjoyed a car show or two.

Cheryl brought in super 8 films to be transferred to DVD.  When she gave us permission to share it I found a segment to play of a baby in a walker at the top of the stairs outside, a lady in curlers and a creative stop motion capture of THE END sign drawn on a rock.  Most films are silent, but this clip shows so many people talking to the camera that you’d think it would have had sound. When the film has no sound we can add the sound of the projector playing or some upbeat instrumental music when you have it saved on a DVD.

Kyle had us scan his negative and print it out for him.

The negative of his grandfather’s gas station that Kyle found at a consignment used art supply store. His grandfather, father, and uncle worked there but it is no longer owned by the family.

Heather brought in regular 8mm film to be transferred to digital files.  She had some interesting footage of feeding bears in Yellowstone and horse drawn sleigh races.  What unique fun memories she has to share with family.

A local successful businessman has written his whole

(550 page) life story of family, travel and experiences.  He incorporated photos throughout and even had us substitute some Norwegian letters in some words for the American letters.  We then printed 20 copies of the book and will complete the binding of the pages in time for his Christmas gift giving.  Other family and friends will receive a digital copy on a flash drive.

Michael brought in his old VHS and 8mm video tapes to be transferred to digital files on a flash drive.  One of the VHS tapes had footage of 3 Denver schools doing a reenactment of the battle of Bull Run during the Civil War.  It was in impressive way for the kids to learn hands on with guns shooting blanks and bayonets.  Times have certainly changed.  See a bit of the footage here.

Carolyn brought in a large family chart for us to scan in.  She wanted us to scan it in and reprint 8 copies for her. One copy will go to the only relative who carries the family name Naurth (North).