How to prepare for disaster

The recent wildfires and other disasters have brought it close to home that we should be more prepared for the event of a disaster.  The things that we have that are most important (besides people, pets, etc.) are our important documents and our memories. Leave A Legacy, Inc. is here to bring to light this important topic to better prepare you to preserve these important elements before disaster comes knocking on your doors.
All of your important documents can be scanned and saved on disk or flash drive and then saved at a location other than at your home (with friends or family, at work or in a fire safe box). By having all of your important documents and memories backed up you will not have to worry about getting them all gathered up when a disaster is on its way. Having a back up of your important documents can also help you if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

Important documents (bring them in and we’ll do our best to scan them while you wait and save them to your flash drive or save to a disk)
—        Drivers License
—       Passport
—       Credit Cards
—       Social Security Card
—       Birth & Marriage Certificates
—       Will
—       Insurance
o       Health
o       Vehicle
o       Home
o       Life
Important memories
—       Digital Photos
—       Journals, Personal Work & Files
—       Photo Prints
—       Photo Albums/Books
—       Slides and Negatives
—       Videos, Films, Old Audio
All of these can be digitized and saved to a disk for you to enjoy and duplicate copies can be made for safe keeping in an alternate location. Digitized documents are very compact, made for easy storage and transport.  We realize that making all of these items digital could be more than your budget can handle all at once. You may consider budgeting a certain amount per month. Just let us know your budget, we would love to work with you.