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  • Personal touch by people who care. Our team members are not technicians but real humans who respect and value all of your materials as if they belonged to our own family.  If it doesn’t make sense to scan it, we won’t.  One client who was overwhelmed with what he had inherited had included a set of silver in the pile of items he brought it to be transferred.  We knew it was an oversight and set it aside for the client and didn’t scan it.
  • Organized and efficient: we do it your way but if you want our0607141148 recommendation we will give you as much organization as possible that seems like it would be helpful for you and your family. This means putting things in chronological order and putting groups, folders, photo albums and boxes each into a separate digital folder on your external hard drive. Scanning and transferring of all old media is checked and double checked by owner or project manager.
  • Politically neutral: we’ve scanned plenty of politically volatile materials with full respect of its value and significance to the owner
  • We do it all.    WebsitePhotoMockup2 cutout8.20  We can transfer virtually all types of old media to digital. This includes but it not limited to 1)Photographic and document media: photos, negatives, slides, oversized items, newspaper, artwork, books, scrapbooks,  2)video: video tapes on nearly every type, disks, floppy, memory sticks and cards,  3)audio: cassettes, records, micro cassettes, 8-track tapes, reel-to-reels,  4)films: regular 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, 8mm and 16 mm film with sound.  We have the top of the line) equipment and the stick-to-itive mindset to figure out how to get it done!
  • How we get it:  1)if you are local (Denver B0000062or Northern Colorado areas) we will come with a truck and pick it up and return it, 2)if you are not local you can ship it to us and we’ll ship it back.  We receive shipments from around the country and sometimes from overseas.
  • What you receive: 1) all your originals returned back to you in the same condition that you delivered them, 2)your project completed and returned to you quickly, efficiently, professionally, 3)your files digitized, organized and saved to external hard drive(s) or DVDs.
  • When we finish: Our goal is always to get it done as quickly as possible We love it if you don’t have a firm deadline so that we can work it in among other projects  If you need it in a rush, ASAP, we can do that as well.