Glass Stereo Slide


glass stereo slide
glass stereo slide

This was a new one for me. Recently a client brought in about 5 of these glass stereo slides. I’ve seen and scanned both glass and stereo slides but not both rolled into one. We scanned in one of the two images and saved it as a jpg file for him on a CD.

The slide consists of two images (this is the stereo part) that are shot from a slightly different position. When put into  a stereo viewer you looked through it and saw a 3D image of your photo. So the people are all three dimensional…kind of like what is coming out now…all of those 3D cameras!  Anyway the two images are sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass and then it was held together by some thin metal. One slide is actually quite heavy for how large it is.

So when you see those new 3D cameras hit the store know that they are nothing new but rather something that great grandpa once owned and cast away for cameras that make single two dimensional images!


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