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film projector

This will help you figure out how much memory you will need on your external hard drive if you would like us to add your raw video files to it so that you can work on them on your home computer.


First you must figure out the number of minutes of video that you have.  If you original media is movie film then figure that you have 3.5 minutes of time for every 50 feet of film.

(feet of film/50)*3.5=number of minutes of film

take number of minutes of film*.22= #GB needed on your hard drive

This is all for film that is captured at regular definition.

The external drive format that we need at Leave A Legacy is NTFS. The format that we do not want is FAT32 (not common on new drives) which has a file transfer size limitation of 4GB.  We can save to either PC or Mac formatted drives. We cannot format a Mac drive for you.

For PC clients we typically give you AVI files and for Mac clients we usually give you MOV files.  These seem to be the most compatible file types.

If you don’t want to do all of this figuring yourself just give us a call, email or stop in and we’ll figure it all out for you!