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video transfer to DVD

We consider it an edited transfer when we transfer from a video tape to the computer. This allows editing of your video after the video is digitized.  We can take virtually any video tape and convert it to digital. Some production video tapes and odd ball tapes have an additional charge.

This charge is for the first video tape up to 2 hours in length that will go onto one DVD. Each additional tape that you want to add to this disk is charged as an edited additional source (the price is back on the price sheet).



Max length

Typical length


2-6 hours

2 hours or less


30-90 minutes

30 minutes

Mini DV

60 minutes

60 minutes

8mm tapes

2 hours

2 hours


2-6 hours

2 hours


Editing options include cutting out segments, arranging various clips from various videos, adding music or narration, adding titles or captions, transitions and other special effects.  You may do some or all of the editing on our computers or more commonly clients make notes for the changes that they would like us to make. The first half hour of your time on the computer is free and after that we charge client computer time (the rate is back on the price sheet). The time that we spend on the computer is charges as design/hr (the rate is back on the price sheet).

Different types of video tapes can be combined onto one DVD (adding up to 2 hours or less).

Think about upgrading your memories to gold archival DVDs, or adding labels in addition.