Disk set up for film

film projector

Once you have your film transferred most people choose to have us create a playable DVD. This is the charge for creating the original disk with all of your films put together one after the other. We can fit about 1800 feet of film on to one DVD. Many people have the small 3 inch reels and those are each about 50 feet in length or 3 and a half minutes.  We can fit about 36 of the little reels on to one DVD. If you need more help on figuring your footage, click here. Once we have all of your film digitized and pulled into a project on the computer you can come in and proof your films before we burn them to a disk.  We can easily rearrange the films at this time with a simple click and drag to where they belong.  You can also proof your films remotely via the internet. We have a way to connect our computers over the internet so that you can see what is playing on our Aspen Aspen Kiosks including captions, titles, scene selection, narration, cutting and rearranging segments of films, removing segments of film, lightening, darkening, rotating, adjusting speed and more!  You can order additional copies a well.