Did you get Steak or Hamburger?

David had over 1000 loose family photos sorted into 3 groups. Leave A Legacy helped him to complete his project by scanning them and making them into 3 different slideshows to share.

Ann brought Leave A Legacy several scanning projects totaling over 2000 family photos.  They really brought back some memories.  Remember these child contraptions that are now considered virtual death traps?  Then there’s that fishing picture; there must be a great story attached to it. It’s a more recent photo of the same kid still having a great time.
Harley gave us some variety by bringing in the more rare BetaCam tape to transfer to digital files, while many other fun family memories were captured from the more conventional VHS, 8mm video, MiniDV, and DVDs.  Either way, they were all placed on an external hard drive or flash drive, easy to save and to share.

Gale had a lot of great footage of the wedding and reception, but they were all short, separate clips. Leave A Legacy edited and combined them seamlessly together, and made the video easy to share on a DVD.

Maria had treasured videos of an interview with her grandmother, who had recently passed, that she wanted to share with the rest of her family, but did not consider herself tech savvy at all.  She had no idea where to start.  Leave A Legacy helped her to upload her videos to her google drive, create a Dropbox account, and then share them via email.  She’s so excited that her whole family can see the video now.

Don had some fabulous historic photos that sadly weren’t in fabulous shape. Leave A Legacy scanned and restored these unique treasures.  Below is a photo we did a lot of restoration work on while keeping the date written in the corner.  Another photo in the collection features President Dwight D. Eisenhower before he was in a wheelchair, standing in the center with other military figures.  This photo we scanned at a higher resolution so we could zoom in and print the final copy much larger.

Michael’s special-needs son is a VCR-pro, watching the best segments of his favorite videos over and over every day.  He’s so good at it he’s wearing out the video tapes as well as the VCR! Michael decided it was time for Leave A Legacy to make DVDs and files as a backup.

Early last month, Gwen visited the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and got fabulous photos of the wonderful trip.  Leave A Legacy transformed them into a beautiful photo book so she can share and relive these memories for years to come. The book looks so fantastic it inspired me to schedule a trip for my husband and I next year, the fiesta’s 50th anniversary.  My parents went there several years ago and I love following in their footsteps.  Hopefully Gwen’s photo book will inspire other visitors as well!

Julie is already ahead on her Christmas shopping. She made a large photo collage of her grandfather’s life and career and wanted to share it with her cousins as a gift.  She brought this incredible road map of his life to Leave A Legacy to scan and print several copies.

Jeri’s grandfather was a prolific artist, with many people still treasuring his work today. Some archives in Texas want to sell copies of his art of Texas missionaries. So they turned to his granddaughter for a photo to include with the biography of the artist.  Leave A Legacy is digitizing and restoring potential head-shots for Jeri to choose from.