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 40 years of marriage celebrated…now it’s 10 years later and they’re still going strong! 10 years ago, one of our clients created a slideshow on VHS as a gift for her parents 40th wedding anniversary. Currently, she is updating this slideshow (on to DVD) to include the most recent 10 years of their marriage. Additionally (as technological innovations have expanded our digital creation possibilities) she is substituting parts of the original audio with music, and may even choose to add some narration. After 50 years, I’m sure there are plenty of stories to be told!

One client made the trek from Vail down to our Denver store to update her memory books (after laying idle in her attic for way too long. She brought in armload after armload of boxes full of scrapbooks and loose photos then left her memories for us to consolidate and modernize. We are currently working to meticulously remove all photos and memorabilia from the scrapbooks, scan everything, and compile on to one disk for her viewing convenience.

We all think our dads are the best, right? Well what if the entire city of Denver agreed with you? One of our clients’ dads was such a notable figure in Denver’s history that the Denver Public Library asked to commemorate him by displaying his scrapbook in one of their libraries. Hesitant to give away such a precious keepsake, he has asked us to transfer the treasure to a digital format that he can cherish forever. We have scanned everything from the scrapbook to an online format and currently he is using our compatible software to proof the working draft from home. As soon as he gives us the final edits, we will print and bind the photobook which will include an attached sleeve for the DVD version. Then finally the Denver Public Library can celebrate in knowing that they possess such an important piece of history.