Creative slideshows, final memories and projects by Toms

This past month we’ve done lots of memorial slideshows.  For most of the slideshow we do for clients, we display one photo at a time.  This past month we had 2 clients who desired having several photos up at once.  One client was very organized. She came in prior and worked on a plan with us. Ultimately she put all the photos that she wanted shown together in one ziplock bag with a sequential number on it.  Sometimes she had digital photos that we needed to mix in and they numbered all the photos just like they numbered the bags.  All very organized.  Another client who was actually making a retirement party slideshow with several images up at once (photos, news articles and captions).  She sent more photos and more captions every step of the way with lots of moving around of the images. This was the other extreme of organization. Both clients ended up with their unique slideshows on time and with all the creativity they desired.

We had two clients this past month who have sisters who are gravely ill.  Jane collected a bunch of photo of their fun times together, wrote up some narration to go along with it and then we created a special book for her to share with her sister on her visit later this week.  The other client, Judy, asked her sister’s friends and family to each shoot a short happy birthday greeting for her ailing sister’s birthday next week.  Everyone was so creative with their joyful message: poems, songs, greetings from around the country.  We pulled the videos and the still images all together for her into one DVD and one digital file.  This sister is sure to be smiling and rolling with laughter once she witnesses it. 

Gemini_M44 TB 069   Tom brought in his star images to print.  While another Tom brought in slides that were more “down to earth” field slides.

Photo restoration for….yet another Tom coincidentally…. You can see that we made two new versions of the photo for him.  We can keep just one person from a photo, take someone out oTL001 3pt5x5 improved contrastf your photo or cut you out of one photo and TL001put you TL001 revisedin another.