Cleaning Your Mouse

We have our hands all over them all of the time but when is the last time you cleaned your…..mouse?

We are of course talking about the mouse that is part of your computer. The older type of mouse has a small ball on the bottom. As the ball moves, your pointer on the computer moves. If you have the old ball type mouse, find the little lock on the bottom. You should twist it to release the ball. Using a rag dipped in some alcohol, wipe the ball and get the dirt and grime off of it. On the inside of the mouse, there are two small bars. Wipe the bars with the alcohol dipped rag as well to remove any gunk on them. Finally, put the ball back into the mouse and then you will be amazed at how much smoother it will work!

The newer type of mouse is the optical mouse. It doesn’t have the ball but it does have feet and boy can they get grubby. Take an alcohol dipped rag and wipe them down as well. While you are at it wipe down the rest of the mouse where you place your hand and get that grime off too. The cracks and crevices may have some build up too. You may try using a can of compressed air to blow it out. Look for the little hole at the top of the mouse where the lens is. Using a Q-Tip soaked in alcohol, work it around in there to clean the dust out. Now you have a clean and happy mouse.

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