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Back-up Rule:

Have your heard about the 3-2-1 rule for protecting your 3-2-1-backup-ruledigital media?  This works for your scanned photos, your digitized videos and even your everyday digital files you create on your computer for home or at work.

3 – You should have 3 copies! Once you have one digital copy, making additional copies is very easy and inexpensive. (Take advantage the Back-up Offer below)

2- It should be 2 different types of storage (cloud, hard drive, physical prints or videos and/or on disks.)

1- They should be saved in more than one location (home, work, online or at a friend or family member’s home.

In the past we encouraged you to locate all of your photos.  Last month we encouraged you scan all of your print photos, slides, negatives and photo albums. This month we encourage you to duplicate the digital files, keep them on two types of media and to have them saved in one other location.

Back-up Offer:

custom_social-post-1Leave A Legacy will be celebrating Small Business Saturday again this year with another specialdisk offer for our clients.  In keeping with the theme to back up your digital memories: Any order that comes in on Saturday November 26 or Monday November 28 will receive a FREE extra copy of any CDs or DVDs made for their legacy project.  If you have us save files to an external hard drive we will copy them to a second hard drive for no additional cost (given that you provide the hard drive).  This will work for any film, video or audio transfer and any scanning project….ok, so that’s just about any poject that come in the door.  Take advantage of this special offer and share your memories for the holidays.

holiday 0The Best Gifts:

It’s that time of year again…. Time for Holiday Gift Giving…and Leave A Legacy is the answer for you if you want to give a really meaningful gift with infinite value.  Check out our holiday gift guide to figure out what memories you want to share this year.  We always get buried with Legacy projects during the holidays so don’t delay about bringing them in!  This year be sure to give the priceless gift of memories!