Audio Transfer to CD

All of your old records (LP, 45, 78, you name it), reel-to-reel, 8 track tapes and cassettes (even mini and micro cassettes) can be transferred to CD. This option makes a playable CD of up to 80 minutes.  Being a playable CD means that it will play in your standard CD player. If you recordings are longer than 80 minutes then it will require another disk and therefore another transfer charge.  As an alternative you may have us create mp3 files that will play in a computer and on various mp3 players. This has a different charge for it but allows you to have more audio on one disk.

You may choose to have us enhance the audio if it is too quiet, too loud or if it has background noise.  This type of transfer will make separate files for each side of the original media. If you want each song separated into a different “track” or file then there is an additional small charge.  Extra copies are quite affordable and great for sharing your priceless memories with other family members.

Reel-to-reel are very hard if not impossible to estimate the length of time on a given reel.  There are numerous variables like thickness of tape, size of reel, how many tracks were recorded on (between 1 and 4) and whether or not it was recorded in stereo.

Cassettes, micro-cassettes, and mini-cassettes usually have a number on them (like 60, 90 or 120). This will tell you the number of minutes that you could have recorded on the tape.