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Options abound for modifying or repairing your photo and video memories.  You may want to have someone removed from an image, be it a former girlfriend, husband or a stranger lurking in the background.  This can be more easily done with a still photo of course.

I once replaced an ex-boyfriend with a bush in a large family photo. We even modified the images from an old 8mm movie film.  The client was fortunate that the unwanted individual was on the edge of the frame.  We made clips at the beginning and end of where he appeared and then adjusted that segment over to the right which cut him off and left the rest of the people showing.

The image at right is of a photo of a car that was identical to our client,

photo of a client's first car with the driver removed

Tom’s car restoration

Tom’s, first car. Unfortunately the photo that he brought in had someone sitting in his car! Using Photoshop we were able to extricate the unwanted individual and we reprinted the image for him to treasure in his home office.

When unwanted individuals are present in the background of your precious photo we can use burning tools to darken the background and make them less noticeable or if you want to be transported elsewhere we can cut you out and put a totally different background behind you.

The sample at right is actually made from 3 photos.

one photo made from three images

One photo made from three images

The man, woman, and background came from 3 separate photos.  The client was a very friendly German who lives up in the mountains west of us in Colorado.  He is the man in the photo (taken several years ago). His appearance has changed in the years since as he is now well weathered with a big bushy black and grey beard. The lady is a lady friend of his from long ago in Germany.  He brought the photos in since he had recently reconnected with her and wanted to create a photo to remember their long ago beginnings.  Some color and texture effects were added to make the three images blend together better.

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