Accessing Floppy, Zip & Jaz Discs

They are unique and uncommon but we can access them. We’ve had the Zip drive and a Floppy drive for quite awhile but just got a Jaz drive. We can transfer all of your info off of these old disks and onto a disc or flash drive for much easier access.

The 3.5″ floppy disks hold 1.44 MB and came out in 1986. Most often we copy photo files from these disks and put them all on one CD.floppy disk

The Zip disks came out in 1994. The drive was initially sold for just under US$200 with one cartridge included, and additional 100 MB cartridges for US$20.

jaz drive and discThe Jaz disks hold 1GB of memory and came out in 1995. That was a lot of memory back then when your whole hard drive held about 2GB. They never gained much popularity…but if you have some we can get the info off of them for you!

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    Do you have a reader for 2 GB jaz discs? We have 2 100MB zip discs and 2 2GB jaz discs. We don’t even know what is on the jaz discs, we would like to know what files are there before we have them digitized, the zip discs contain some photos we would like to have. We have an old zip drive for pcs but now we use mac; we don’t have the jaz drive.

  2. Paula,
    Thank you for writing. We can certainly help you with all of your disks. They are priced at $20 for the first disk and $10 for the additional disks. You can certainly come in to see what we found on your jaz discs but the price would remain whether or not we saved the info on a CD. The pricing above includes saving all the files to one CD. Just drop it by or ship it in at your convenience and we’ll get it done for you. -Marsha

  3. I am in Chicago and have been trying to find a way to transfer files from a single 1Gb jaz cartridge to a more usable format (CD/DVD). I found your site on a Google search and was hoping you might be able to help. I would like to know the total charges (data transfer, shipping, media, etc.) for just the one disk. Also, is there an extra charge to return the original? Thanks

    1. Bob, thank you for writing. Yes, we can help you with your jaz cartridge as long as it is pc formatted (and not mac). We’d charge $25 for the transfer and $10 for shipping the disk and your original back to you. Our turnaround time is usually one to one and one-half weeks. Please include your name, address and phone in the box with your project and we’ll give you a ring when we receive it to get all the particulars. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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