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At the end of this past school year a returning client brought us another unique photo manipulation project.  Final image of the virtual gift

Her daughter’s school has a tradition of the graduating class donating something of significance to the school. This is just elementary mind you, so it might be more the parent’s thoughts and money going into it. They came up with a great modern idea to buy a flat screen TV, have some lettering made and create a dynamic information wall by the school office.  Their biggest problem was time so she thought of presenting it virtually at the graduation ceremony. image of the couch we added

She took several photos at the school (the wall, the couch, etc.), image of the wall where the class gift would be displayedwe found some images of a widescreen on the internet and also the school’s logo. We manipulated the photos by “removing” all of the things on the wall, did some masonry work on the wall, added the text in a curve and gave it an effect to look gold and 3 dimensional “hung” the wide screen and “projected” some images on it.

The final result (a jpg file) was projected on the screen after the graduation slideshow. What an interesting photo manipulation project!